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725 U Gearbox

UMC 725–U Final Wheel Drive 50:1 Gearbox provides heavy–duty gearing transmission for centre pivot and lateral move applications.

It is recommended the 725–U to be used in conjunction with UMC Centre Drive Gear Motors and UMC Drive Line Couplers for optimal performance and product life.

Evaluation Specifications

  • ISO–9001:2000 Certified
  • Universal mount bolt pattern.
  • Full cycle expansion chamber; bellows–type expansion diaphragm.
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • 50:1 worm gear motor. Various load capabilities, peak torque in excess of 69,000 in/lb–4000 ft/lb output torque.
  • Input shafts fitted with external UV resistant dust seals.
  • High strength steel worm and output shaft.
  • Includes rib neck carriage bolts with wheel nuts.
  • Each gearbox filled with extreme pressure, multi–purpose gear oil
  • High strength cast iron bolt–on end caps.
  • Top oil provision
  • Each unit date stamped
  • Input shaft guard included
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