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Hydrus Collector Rings

Hydrus manufactures a U.L. listed enclosed collector ring to supply continuous power and signal voltage to the motors and controls on centre pivot irrigation systems.

Hydrus has designed our collector ring with field proven high quality components to insure reliable, trouble free operation. Available in 4, 10 and 11 ring configurations.

Evaluation Specifications

  • U.L. Listed to insure safety and quality
  • Available in 4, 10 and 11 ring configurations
  • Large copper brushes are 80% copper and 20% graphite for less resistance
  • Seamless ring to reduce brush wear
  • Specially designed cover clamps.
  • Collector ring fits most centre pivots.
  • Wires are numbered and / or colour coded for easy identification.
  • Greasable bearing in the base, stops shaft seizure
  • Heavy duty die cast aluminum base is more durable than plastic base.
  • New tall UV stabilized lid, allows up to 14 rings
Designed and developed by The Right Mind