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Driveline Couplers

UMC Drive Line Coupler Assembly with our new higher torque, longer life urethane insert along with alignment rod provides shock absorbing connection and protection between centre drive gear motors and final drive gearboxes. The alignment rod holds the urethane insert in place and complete coupler kit in alignment

It is recommended the Drive Line Couplers to be used in conjunction with UMC Final Wheel Drive Gearboxes, UMC Centre Drive Gear Motors for optimal performance and product life.

Evaluation Specifications

  • ISO–9001:2000 Certified
  • Same great load arms and urethane insert as the standard coupler with the addition of an alignment rod.
  • Alignment rod hold insert in place and coupler in alignment under extreme or sudden loads.
  • Designed for use in extreme duty environments: heavy soils, Larger tire diameter, Higher torque motors, and stronger gearboxes..
  • Designed and tested under extreme loads to ensure coupler failure and prevent damage to gearbox.
  • 70% increase in load carrying abilities.
  • Urethane insert offers an environmentally stable insert with better resistance to UV rays and chemicals.
  • Grooved insert option converts any coupler assembly for a towable application.
  • UMC designed SQUEX bolts allow easy access to tighten nuts and creates unique bolt anti–rotation feature.
  • 75,000 PSI high strength bolts and prevailing torque type nuts.
  • High torque conditions compress inserts instead of shearing them.
  • Shock attenuation insert allows for softer starts and stops.
  • Ideal for high–torque, slow–speed conditions with severe back driving.
  • Curved pressure pads compensate for out of line conditions.
  • One year limited warranty.
Designed and developed by The Right Mind