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Our number one seller, the i–Wob®! Ultra Low Application Intensity Preserves Soil Integrity

The Senninger i–Wob has a unique patented off–centre rotary action design. It provides ultra low application intensity by delivering water over a larger area in a uniform pattern. This lowers the impact of the sprinkler pattern on the soil structure, preserving the soil´s ability to absorb water. The preservation of intake rate, increases soak time greatly reducing the potential for soil compaction, soil sealing and irrigation water run–off.

The i–Wob is available with three different deflectors based on the desired droplet size and trajectory. The unique design of the i–Wob provides relatively uniform–sized droplets that are adequate in size to resist wind distortion. The patented integral weight helps keep the i–Wob in place in the wind. The i–Wob is designed for flexible drop installations.

  • SA9 – standard–angle 9–groove (black deflector); medium droplets
Flows: 0.82 – 19.5 gpm (186 – 4429 L/hr)
  • Low pressure operation saves money and energy: 10 – 20 psi (0.69 – 1.38 bar)
  • Backed by 2–year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance
  • Optional threaded weight available in ¾ pound

Revolving–Stream Devices (overhead view) concentrate their spray patterns

i–Wobs do a better job of spreading out their spray patterns, helping preserve soil structure and infiltration capability.

Designed and developed by The Right Mind