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True multiple deflector pads for consistent droplet size

The Senninger LDN, by using multiple deflector pad levels (single, double and triple), utilizes additional grooves to direct water and control droplet size. This enables the LDN to handle large flows, up to 19.5 gpm (1.23 L/s) while still providing a gentle spread–out application.

As the nozzle flow increases with the distance from the pivot point, multiple pads are used to increase the area of instantaneous coverage. By dividing the nozzle flow into a larger number of streams and applying that flow over a larger surface area, the application intensity is reduced.

  • Single–33 streams, 0.35–6.54 gpm (80–1485 L/hr)
  • Part–circle ideal to distribute water away from wheel tracks, 170° spray pattern, 10° trajectory
  • Chemigation–corn (58° upward throw), cotton (15°–30° upward throw)
  • Bubbler–for quick low–cost conversion to LEPA application
  • Flows: 0.35–19.5 gpm (80–4429 L/hr)
  • Low pressure operation saves money and energy: 10–20 psi (0.69–1.38 bar)
  • Backed by 2–year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance
  • Optional slip–over weight available in ¾–75kg weight
  • Color–coded nozzles for easy size identification, 5–year warranty on nozzle orifice
Designed and developed by The Right Mind