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In a world of limited natural resources, it is imperative to find new highly efficient technologies. Since the oil embargo in the 1970´s, Senninger has led the industry with the development of low pressure irrigation products that reduce the amount of energy required to convey the water to the crop, apply the water in a manner suited to the specific soil and crop needs, and decrease the total amount of water needed. Today, more than ever, growers are in need of low pressure–high performance irrigation products that can deliver precise benefits while conserving water and energy.

Senninger Irrigation´s line of centre pivot products is designed for peak performance at ultra–low pressures of 10 to 15 psi [0.69 to 1.04 bar], and a recommended maximum pressure of 20 psi [1.38 bar]. Lower pressure translates to reduced horsepower requirements and reduced energy consumption.

These low operating pressures offer irrigators a tremendous opportunity to lower total pumping costs. Products specifically designed to provide peak performance in this low pressure range enable a centre pivot irrigator to address all of today's challenges. Select from the products below for more specific information about Senninger Irrigation products and how they can meet the needs of your particular application.

Our Sprinkler products

The Senninger i–Wob has a unique patented off–centre rotary action design. It provides ultra low application intensity by delivering water over a larger area in a uniform pattern.

The Senninger Xcel–Wobbler has a unique patented off–centre rotary action coupled with a balanced design for smooth, stable performance.

The Senninger LDN, by using multiple deflector pad levels (single, double and triple), utilizes additional grooves to direct water and control droplet size.

The Senninger Super Spray has a wide variety (twenty two) of interchangeable deflector pad options to meet specific crop, climatic and soil requirements.

Senninger introduced the first high–quality in–line pressure regulator to the irrigation industry in 1966.

The Senninger Fan Spray, with its 160–degree directional spray pattern, is ideal to distribute water away from wheel tracks.

Senninger goosenecks are constructed of non–corrosive UV–resistant thermoplastic for long life and reduced plugging.

Senninger offers three different drop weights. When compared to conventional drop weights, their design provides better stability and less stress on flexible drops.

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