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Superspray ®

Provides the most versatility of any spray nozzle on the market

The Senninger Super Spray has a wide variety (twenty two) of interchangeable deflector pad options to meet specific crop, climatic and soil requirements. The pads are identified by shape (flat, concave, or convex) and type of surface (smooth, medium grooved, or deep grooved).

The shape and surface help control spray pattern and droplet size. Chemigation pads are available in high profile (corn) and low profile (cotton). The hose barb adapter option allows easy conversion for direct furrow water application.

The design is extremely durable, with no moving parts. Its design makes it ideal for surface water due to the distance between the nozzle and deflector and the deflector and the bracket.

  • Flows: 0.35–22.3 gpm (80–5065 L/hr)
  • Pressure Range: 10–25 psi (0.69–1.72 bar)
  • Can be mounted upright or inverted
  • Backed by 2–year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance
  • Color–coded nozzles for easy size identification, 5–year warranty on nozzle orifice

Designed and developed by The Right Mind