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725 Towable non Towable

UMC TNT Tow non Tow 50:1 Final Wheel Drive Gearbox for most standard centre pivot and lateral applications. Provides the ability to disengage the worm gear and allow users to move their centre pivot and lateral systems from one location to another.

It is recommended the TNT to be used in conjunction with UMC Centre Drive Gear Motors and UMC Drive Line Couplers for optimal performance and product life.

Evaluation Specifications

  • ISO–9001:2000 Certified
  • Easily disengage bale and tow your pivot to its working location, then simply re–engage bale you are ready to run.
  • Patented concentric gear engagement design.
  • Simple bale engagement lever makes for quick, easy, and trouble free operation.
  • Available in 50:1 ratio
  • Lighter weight and more economical cost than standard towable gearboxes.
  • Universal bolt pattern mount fits most pivot and lateral / linear towable irrigation systems.
  • Positive lock in both tow and non–tow positions.
  • Compatible with most standard tires sizes.
  • Uses the proven heavy duty gearing as our 725–U gearbox.
Designed and developed by The Right Mind