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Valley ® Style Control Panel

Hydrus has a 30 year record of producing high quality tower control panels.

We released the Valley ® Style line of tower boxes several years ago. These units are direct bolt on replacements for Valley ® systems.

We have supplied these tower boxes to several centre pivot manufacturers around the world. In addition, they can be used on all other brands with our bolt or weld on conversion kits.

All of our tower boxes carry the UL label and include the tower box stiffening bracket as standard equipment.

Intermediate Tower Box

Stall Tower Box

End Tower Box

Valley ® Style Standard Features

  • Special Adjustable Brown bodied Micro Switches to better resist moisture
  • Heavy Duty Square D motor contactor with proven dust cover
  • All UL listed electrical components
  • UL Approved label
  • Stainless steel cam and cam arm
  • Hot dipped galvanized base
  • UV stabilized plastic tower box cover
  • White tower box cover for less heat build up
  • Stiffening bracket for intermediate and stall tower boxes is STANDARD.
  • Direct replacement for Valley ® style tower boxes
  • Includes all your strain relief´s (cord connectors)
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